Lean Six Sigma Training Course Overview

Achieve results in minimum time.

  • Understand core concepts and principles of business improvement
  • Be equipped to tackle improvement activities to deliver substantial benefits
  • Build your skills and expertise with our progressive training programme

Based on Lean Six Sigma as the core methodology and toolset, our training also integrates a mix of hard and soft skills that we know make significant difference to improvement activity success. Our aim is to get you delivering successful business improvement from the end of the very first week of training taken with us.


Foundation for starting out leading process improvement projects that achieve some quick wins, simplifying processes through waste reduction. This approach can start to convince the organisation this is the right approach to take and will start to build process improvement skills and related project management skills. more information…

Practitioner (Green Belt) builds on Foundation, developing additional skills in the use of data to stabilise processes and to implement lasting improvements that tackle root causes of problems. It also covers several specific techniques aimed at speeding up the flow of work through a process. more information…

Expert (Black Belt) adds more advanced data analysis techniques to solve problems involving more complex relationships between process variables through techniques such as designed experiments. more information…

Organisational for Green Belts, Black Belts and Sponsors delivering business wide improvement or projects. It includes further skills in improvement tools that focus on both analytical and financial aspects of improvement, and soft skills wrapped around change management and selling change to an organisation. It sets the scene for those interested in further development as a programme leader of business change. more information…

When you work with us to deploy your improvement programme, our lean six sigma training is a key feature of our overall approach. We can also deliver the training as standalone modules, especially for your team, and we run open, public courses in the UK (see schedule below).

Training Schedule

CourseStart DateDurationLocation
Awareness for Business Leaders9th October 20141 dayCardiff
Practitioner / Greenbelt20th October 20145 consecutive daysCardiff / Bristol
Expert / Black Belt10th November 20145 consecutive daysCardiff / Bristol
Organisational8th December 20145 consecutive daysCardiff / Bristol
Foundation12th January 20155 consecutive daysCardiff
Foundation9th February 20155 consecutive daysLondon
Practitioner16th February 20155 consecutive daysCardiff
Black Belt9th March 20155 consecutive daysCardiff
Practitioner16th March 20155 consecutive daysLondon
Foundation6th April 20155 consecutive daysBristol
Black Belt13th April 20155 consecutive daysLondon
Practitioner11th May 20155 consecutive daysBristol
Black Belt8th June 20155 consecutive daysBristol
Organisational22nd June 20155 consecutive daysBristol
Foundation14th September 20155 consecutive daysCardiff
Foundation5th October 20155 consecutive daysManchester
Practitioner12th October 20155 consecutive daysCardiff
Practitioner2nd November 20155 consecutive daysManchester
Black Belt9th November 20155 consecutive daysCardiff
Black Belt30th November 20155 consecutive daysManchester
Organisational7th December 20155 consecutive daysCardiff
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