Foundation – Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt

Foundation covers the fundamentals of the Lean Six Sigma Define Measure Analyse Improve Control (DMAIC) approach, enabling participants to take part and lead waste and defect reduction projects and initiatives. It can be taken as a standalone week or combined with our Practitioner course to achieve Lean Six Sigma Green Belt level.

During this one week course we’ll cover the following aspects of improvement:-

  • Project selection & developing a project charter
  • Identifying Customers and their needs and applying to projects
  • Project Management, communication & stakeholders
  • Discovering processes using visualisation techniques
  • Finding and removing process waste
  • Collecting process data and using basic statistics
  • Graphical analysis to understand process performance
  • Problem solving tools to determine root cause
  • Basic solution creation
  • Reducing process risks
  • Piloting & implementation
  • Process handover
  • Facilitation skills for group work
  • Completion of a simulation to apply the techniques to

At the end of this course you will be equipped to look at your immediate business area, determine what can be improved and create a business improvement project on a selected opportunity that is aligned to customer requirements.

You will be able to analyse the process using visualisation tools, collect and analyse basic data on process performance and interpret this correctly using graphical techniques. You will also be able to examine a process and identify the waste (non-value adding) components and work to eliminate these from the process. You will apply root cause analysis techniques to indentify the underlying causes of defects in the process.

From here you will learn how to generate ideas for solutions, create and evaluate the final solution for effectiveness. Before going ahead with implementation you will see how to utilise powerful risk reduction tools that improve our final design prior to piloting and implementation into the business. For the improvements to be effective a strong handover of the new process should be completed. You will see how this can be achieved to continue to realise the benefits in the organisation.

To make your business improvement projects more effective you will also learn how to deliver a project start to finish using project management techniques, effective communications through the project, identifying and handling stakeholders and skills in how to facilitiate teams and groups.

This course uses a simulation throughout the week giving you practise in applying the skills and tools to this.


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