Our Approach to Business Improvement

As business owner or organisational leader, you want long-lasting improvements that deliver real, bottom-line benefitsOur business improvement programme starts with finding out what you really want for your business or organisation. We can then tailor the programme to achieve these goals. You may want to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase sales
  • Speed up production
  • Minimise costly errors
  • Reduce waste
  • Raise standards
You may have other goals for your business or organisation. We make sure we really get to know your business and what you want from it. We then apply Lean Six Sigma methodology and other business improvement techniques intelligently to suit your unique business environment.
Engaging the Leadership of your organisation, we get the bigger picture view so we can ensure the business improvement implementation is aligned to your aims, right from senior management through to operations, supply chains and routes to market.
Business Assessment
We assist in conducting an assessment of the major opportunities you have to improve the performance of your business. Our diagnosis aims to:
  • understand what your customers value in your products and services
  • understand what your long term and short term aims are for your business
  • identify major opportunities to improve the performance of your business processes to best meet your customers’ requirements and your business aims

To achieve these aims we:

  • measure your businesses performance against key targets
  • map process flows to identify wasteful activities that can be improved
  • examine revenues and operating costs
  • talk with a cross section of your employees to listen to their experiences
A full report is provided sunmmarising and detailing the outcomes of our business assessment so that organisational goals can be evaluated in light of any new information.
Training & Support
By passing on our business improvement skills and knowledge through training and providing mentorship to your improvement leaders, ongoing improvement activities can continue over the longer term. Our training programme will enable your key players to:
  • Understand core concepts and principles of business improvement
  • Be equipped to tackle improvement activities to deliver substantial benefits
  • Build skills and expertise with our progressive training programme

Whether your current aim is to survive or thrive, we work with your business quickly and sensitively to bring about the high impact changes that make a real difference. Ultimately we leave you with the ability to master your own business improvement programme and move forward with a skilled workforce to keep you at the top of your game.